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Have you ever thought about how hard it’s to play soccer? People think it is a very simple sport in which to be a fantastic player all you need to do is run around the field and kick the ball. Soccer is a much more intricate game. It’s a sport that requires lots of practice so as to be a good player. There are many players considered to be”born with the ability to play”, such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, those players, like many others defeated all what they have today by being extremely dedicated to the game and by constantly training hard.

Soccer is a game that involves lots of skill. Not only footwork or ball control, but also being mentally prepared and eager to do your very best. Some of those skills include:

The knowledge of what is right or wrong is the secret to the success in soccer.

• Ball control – first thing to be noticed is if you are proficient in controlling the ball. Despite the fact that a player has a fantastic skill in dealing with the ball, practice is always needed to maintain and enhance them. If a player lacks from those abilities, then definitely practice is a great deal more required with much harder work. The manipulation of this ball is a hard skill and isn’t fast to learn, it takes a long time to improve soccer skills. Ball control does not mean just with your legs, it involves the whole body. A player must be able to head the ball, and use the entire body, except hands, which can only be used by the keeper.

• Fitness – Soccer is a sport that requires considerably more running than other sports. It is important to be in a good shape for a soccer player. All the running that you do throughout the game is exhaustive. In order to keep a great endurance and to perform their best throughout the entire game players must be in amazing shape. Nowadays, fitness is becoming more important than to not be a soccer player. For instance, a professional player runs about seven miles a game.

It consists on the way a determined team plays the game. There are tons of different kinds of formation. Usually, coaches choose the ones that they believe to be the best fit for their team based on which players they have. Thus, it is essential to be knowledgeable about each formation, what is the part in the game and where to be positioned in the field. Positioning is crucial for the formation. Players must know where to be positioned according to the group’s formation. If a player fails to maintain his/her correct position, the whole game can be negatively affected.

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