History of curling

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A stone that’s believed to have been used in the game was discovered that dates completely back in 1511. Two pieces of art from 1565 that were painted by Pieter Bruegel the Elder series Dutch peasants actively playing the game. In early days there isn’t any exceptional stone used so there isn’t a lot of control over the throw.

There’s specific equipment that is required for curling. First thing you’ll need is the stone. They weigh one of 38 and 44 pounds and is made of refined granite. There’s a handle connected to the top.

The 2nd item of equipment that’s needed is your broom. It’s employed to clean the way for the stone once it’s been launched. The object is to give the rock as sleek a path as you possibly can on which to travel. Finally, special footwear is required for the sport. The thrower could also buy special pants which supports him to travel farther before releasing the stone.

The sport of curling is a simple game but people take it quite seriously. It is played on ice and a giant stone is sent towards the goal.

After the stone is released by the thrower another 3 members of the group, the”sweepers”, frantically sweep the ice in order to handle the direction of the rock. Contact with the rock isn’t authorized. The point is to produce a clean path for the stone to follow. If it knocks another team’s stone from place, the better. Whoever wins more endings wins the game.

In past times few decades curling has received a lot more value due to the Winter Olympics. It is one of the few sports where age does not matter, often the earliest athletes at the Winter games are the curlers. The Olympics have caused curiosity about the game to peek and there are currently clubs all over the world.

Due to the Olympics people of all ages have found a love for the sport. There are leagues concentrated on everything from kids to senior citizens. Women and men equally love power equilibrium. There are special leagues for the disabled.

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