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The Sport of Croquet was originally launched into the World by John Jaques II in the Great Exhibition of England in 1851. The effect of the introduction of the friendly but competitive game was instant and it soon became a”must have” yard diversion not only in England but across Europe and the British Empire, immediately becoming a familiar British Trait. This was especially true of India.

The Awesome achievement of this Jaques Croquet Set in the Great Exhibition led to John Jaques being awarded the Gold Medal.

Following the global uptake of the Sport of Croquet, an extremely extravagant Jaques Croquet Collection was introduced to The Viceroy of India, a very keen advocate of Croquet, also comprised a Croquet Mallet made of solid ivory (not especially pc today but really impressive at the time). Various other Croquet sets were developed and made by Jaques and Sons and could nevertheless be obtained today.

A set of croquet mallets and hoops from Jaques was fast in the proud possession of several families, clubs and institutions. Numerous Croquet Associations are established all around the world, the headquarters of the governing body has become primarily located in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England.

Jaques Croquet Equipment

The production technique has changed very little in over 150 years of creating some of the best Croquet equipment collections. Croquet Mallets, handmade from attractive wood, such as English Ash and Lignum Vitae, are laid down in”stick” for many years (usually more than five) to make sure they have matured to a point acceptable for a Jaques Croquet Game Set.

There are countless croquet institutions all around the world with lots of in England. Membership is rising with approval raising with the young age classes.

There are two kinds of competition which may be performed – golf croquet and association croquet.

In comparison with Association Croquet, Golf Croquet has simpler guidelines and is more interactive (every turn is merely a single stroke), nonetheless it generally takes a similar quantity of precision and tactical awareness.

The opponents follow a path contesting each hoop in turn; when 1 hoop is scored all players proceed to undertake another – a simple idea that results in rich tactical thinking.

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